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April 16, 2012 at 14:47

Little Miss Sicky Poo


Over the last few years there’s been a big shift in the products that I have for times when someone in the family is not feeling their best.  Five years ago my medicine cabinet probably would have included some over the counter cold medicine and an array of products that look like the pharmacy isle of any grocery store.  These days, our medicine cabinet looks a lot different than typical convention might dictate, in fact most of the things that I use aren’t even kept in the medicine cabinet at all.

I now have a few natural remedies that I’ve come to rely on and love because they are effective, in most cases less expensive and best of all, they don’t have any side effects or synthetic chemicals to burden your system.  Sounds good, right?  So what are these essentials?  Let’s take a look:

Probiotics: A good probiotic can be used in times of illness as well as a preventative method to keep your system balanced and create a healthy gut.  I often use probiotics in conjunction with another treatment depending on the ailment.  Probiotics help to increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your digestive track which creates a proper balance and boosts your immune system.  Taking a probiotic when you are sick can speed your recovery.  I use a probiotic daily to stay healthy and if I get sick, I bump up the dose to accommodate.  Probiotics come in infant/children’s formulas as well.

Valerian Root: Stress is a pretty big factor in the lives of most of us.  We live in a fast-paced world and it can sometimes be difficult to avoid.  Stress can cause anxiety and trouble sleeping.  Instead of reaching for a valium, try a few drops of valerian root to take the edge off and relax you during a stressful day or before bedtime to help you sleep.

Dandelion Root: This is probably one of my favorite home remedies.  Dandelion root acts as a liver cleanse and can help you flush toxins out of your system when you’ve had too much to alcohol or eaten something that your body doesn’t like.  It can also help ease digestive problems and relieve water retention.  I think the best thing about dandelion root is that it has an amazing ability to clear skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or rashes because often times these things are a result of a high toxin build up.

Honey: Not only is honey delicious in your tea and yogurt but it can also help ease a cough.  I’ve put this one to the test many times and it works just as well as any store bought cough medicine.  If you’ve got kids, you’re going to feel better about giving them something natural that does the trick just as well.  The best part about it is that they don’t run screaming from it.  It tastes great and they love it!  Just remember that children under 1 year of age should not be given honey.

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE): There are so many uses for GSE that it seems the list is endless.  This stuff can wipe out fungal infections so if you are suffering with a yeast infection, thrush or athlete’s foot this is your go to.  Additionally, GSE can ward off a cold, so if you take a few drops internally at the first sniffle or sneeze, it is very effective. GSE can even be used as a general purpose cleaner when mixed with water because it is antibacterial by nature.   Just a warning, it tastes absolutely awful, so if you are going to take it internally, mix it with juice or do like I do and add a few drops to a spoonful of honey.  If you put it in water, you will wish you hadn’t, trust me on this one.  The best thing about this home remedy, aside from its multipurpose nature, is the fact that it only costs about $15.00 and the bottle lasts FOREVER!

Tea Tree Oil: Similar to GSE, tea tree oil is an antifungal and antiseptic, however, it should never be used internally.  Tea tree oil is by far one of the best treatments for yeast infections and seems to work faster than GSE. It can also be used on acne since it has anti-inflammatory properties.  The most popular use for tea tree oil is to treat and clean cuts and scrapes and it can be used in place of Neosporin.  Just remember that tea tree oil is very strong and concentrated which means that it must be diluted with something else such as witch hazel or water.  If you are using it on a cut or scrape, however, stick to water since witch hazel will make it sting.

Cayenne Pepper: If you’ve got a sore throat, the most effective treatment is to gargle with cayenne pepper or drink it mixed with hot water, lemon and honey.  Cayenne pepper has antibacterial properties and can kill the germs that are causing your symptoms or at least minimize them.  Start with small increments of 1/8 tsp. and see where you’re tolerance level is.  I use this on my husband and it usually knocks it right out.  The kids are not as crazy about the treatment 🙂

Aloe Vera Juice:  If you’re suffering from heartburn or constipation, aloe vera juice is a great treatment.  It is well known for its ability to ease digestive complaints and it even helps to heal problems with leaky gut syndrome if consumed over a prolonged period of time.  If you are trying to get your digestive health back on track, you can use aloe vera juice in combination with a probiotic and proper diet for great results.

Although this is just a sampling of what I now have in my natural medicine cabinet arsenal, these are the things that I reach for most frequently.  I think this is especially true because many of them have multiple uses.  And I have to say that I don’t really miss the more mainstream OTC drugs of my yesterday.  OTC’s like most drugs only have the ability to treat symptoms and I find that these natural remedies often have the ability to not only ease the discomfort but also heal.  Next time you’re feeling like “poo”, try one of these remedies and let me know how it goes!


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    I chose to bookmark your article so I can come back and read it again. It's very well-written, interesting and intelligent. You're an excellent writer with a lot of style.

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    primalpat May 5, 2012 Reply

    This is a great post, Leane. Thank you! I've used most of these remedies before with success. I second the GSE recommendation, but yes, it tastes frakin' AWFUL. I'm thinking of buying some capsules and filling them up to help with my blasted candida.

  3. Little Miss Sicky Poo
    Little Miss Sicky Poo May 5, 2012 Reply

    Thanks PrimalPat! Candida is the worst! I suffered with systemic yeast for a while and it was a battle that raged on for much longer than I would have liked. The GSE taken internally with endless servings of pro-biotic fermented foods did the trick for me. I think I was living on Kombucha and Kimchi and

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    Isiah Digsby July 3, 2012 Reply

    I agree with you completely.

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    Kajsa July 10, 2012 Reply

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