Hot Dogs without the Mystery Meat

June 5, 2012 at 14:24

Little Miss Sicky Poo


If you’ve read many of my posts, you probably know by now that I love to cook.  However, I am a busy Mom and sometimes I just don’t have time to prepare a perfectly paleo meal from scratch.  Occasionally I forget to defrost something for dinner, or we end up running late and get home well past the time when I usually start cooking.  Sometimes, I’m just too dang tired.

There are also times when the kids cry for chicken nuggets and hotdogs instead of Mom’s elite style cooking Most of the time, I’m not about to run out and get these types of food to satisfy their desire for junk.  They get enough of that outside of the house in my opinion.

So the other day, I stopped over at Sprouts Farmer’s Market to pick up some grass fed butter and was browsing in the meat department.  I usually don’t peak around these areas of the store because I get all our meat from the butcher but I figured I’d see what they have.  Much to my surprise, I discovered Applegate Organic Grass Fed Hotdogs!  Hmmm…I immediately grabbed a package and suspiciously reviewd the label for anything that didn’t resemble a purely paleo ingredient and guess what!  Nothing weird!  No mystery meat and no mystery ingredients.  These hotdogs are the real deal.  They are organic, uncured and made from 100% grass fed beef with no chemical additives.

I looked at the price and it was pretty steep at $7.00 a package, but I reasoned this away by telling myself that if my kids liked them, I could now happily serve them hotdogs without any guilt.  I naturally assumed that the kids would hate them because they don’t taste anything like the chemical laden ones that they are used to.

Since my husband was out of town, I decided that last night would be a great hotdog night.  I always scale down the cooking when he is gone anyhow.  And guess what?  The kids loved them and so did I!  Please excuse my enthusiasm, but it’s always exciting to find these types of products.  I may be primal, but I still like convenience in a pinch.  I also want to keep my kids and their friends happy as much as possible and products like these allow me to do that.

If you haven’t yet tried these, you should give it go.  I’m definitely going to be stocking these from now on and using them for summer BBQ’s as an option for the kids or whoever else loves hotdogs 😉

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