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June 12, 2012 at 09:18

Little Miss Sicky Poo


I played hooky last Friday and spent the day poolside with a good friend.  As you can imagine, we talked about everything under the sun as women usually do when they get the opportunity to get together.  One of the big topics of the day was my primal lifestyle and how it works.  After we got some of the big issues out of the way, such as saturated fat, avoiding sugar, whether or not it’s dangerous to live completely grain free, the sustainability of a low carb diet, etc., she was interested in understanding how to make some changes within her own busy life.

One of her concerns was what to do about snacks?  We talked about the fact that her husband was often on the road and needed to have things that are easy and travel well to avoid the pitfalls of the drive through or gas station snacks.  Being a busy Mom with a full time job means that she is often running short on time and needs things to fall back on when hunger strikes as well.  So what types of snacks work on a primal diet?

Here’s a quick list of snack ideas to get you started:

  1. Hard boiled eggs
    Boil up a dozen on Sunday and pop them back in the fridge to grab throughout the week.
  2. Nuts
    These can be raw nuts or roasted nuts (be sure to avoid nuts that are roasted in canola or safflower oil).  For a recipe to make your own roasted nuts, click here.
  3. Trail Mix
    Trail mix is a great snack option and is so yummy.  You can use any combination of dried fruit and nuts (just avoid peanuts).  Steer clear of pre made trail mixes that have sugar, or canola oil.  You can always make your own with raw nuts or you can make a mix with nuts that you roast at home.
  4. Fruit
    Any fruit is fine in moderation and are generally easy to travel with but try to stick with berries and apples if you can.
  5. Cheese
    If you’re not lactose intolerant, cheese makes a great snack.  You can opt for cheddar cheese slices or any high quality cheese that you like.  I tend to stick with cheddar, Dubliner (such as Kerrygold) or manchengo (yum)!  In a pinch, I’ve been known to grab a string cheese from the kids :0
    Quick note: Try to keep dairy consumption to a minimum in general.  This is not something you want to go overboard on.  I might have a few slices of cheese every few days for example.  Also, buy high quality cheeses only.  Look for few and simple ingredients on the label like milk, rennet, cheese cultures and salt.  Lastly, stick with the FULL fat options. 
  6. Beef Jerky
    It’s not just for truckers anymore!  Natural food stores offer many different varieties of beef jerky that is free from additives and chemical.  I’ve found that you need to try out a few different brands before you find one that suits your palette.
  7. Yogurt
    I’m not talking about the yogurt that you find in your local grocery store because most of that stuff is crap.  It’s full of sugar and chemicals and it’s nearly impossible to find a full fat version.  If you want high quality, full fat yogurt, you’ve got to hit the whole foods stores.  The best brand, in my opinion is Brown Cow.  I buy the plain and just add a tiny bit of honey to it…delicious!  You can add berries and nuts as well…get creative
  8. Crunchy Veggies
    Carrot sticks and bell pepper slices are great snacks to carry with you during the day.
  9. Coconut Water
    I like to carry around coconut water when I’m out and about.  I usually drink water throughout the day, but in the brutal Arizona heat, sometimes coconut water is the better option because of its similarity to conventional sports drinks such as Gatorade.  The upside is that it doesn’t include any of the color additives and other garbage that you find in those drinks.  For more information about coconut water, click here.
  10. Kombucha
    This is my favorite drink.  It’s expensive, but always a treat for me.  If you’re not familiar with kombucha, it is a fermented tea that is delicious, full of health promoting probiotics and a wonderful pick me up.  I think the Synergy brand has the best flavors, such as guava, strawberry and cranberry…yum.  Go to your local health food or whole foods store, pick up a bottle and try it out for yourself.

One of the things that I advise is investing in a well insulated, fabric cooler.  For road trips you can throw in a few ice packs and your snacks and they will keep for hours.  We do this for long rides to California and even trips to the zoo or museum with the kids.  It always works out well.

Happy snacking

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    This stuff is awesome!!! I love it!!!

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