"Where you have a plot of land, however small, plant a garden. Staying close to the soil is good for the soul." - Spencer W. Kimball

Nourish your body and your soul!

If you live in Arizona, you probably own a cowboy hat too...

Our beautiful pomegranate tree in full bloom...

If you don't know how to grow vegetables, start with mustard greens. They are prolific and grow like weeds.

A random wagon wheel that lives in my backyard...

Purple top turnips peeking out of the ground before picking...

The Primal Blueprint Cookbook by Mark Sisson...helped me build a base of primal recipes that our family continues to enjoy...


A Little Surprise in My Garden!

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Transitioning to the Primal Lifestyle: 2: Low Carb Flu

May 3, 2012 at 13:48

Little Miss Sicky Poo


As I mentioned in the first post of this series, I got pretty ill for a while after going primal.  I felt so sick and tired that there were a few seriously close calls where I almost quit.  Of course at this point in my life, the last thing I wanted was to feel was […]

Is Sugar Hiding in Your Diet?

April 24, 2012 at 15:36

Little Miss Sicky Poo


We’ve all heard it before on the news, in magazines and from our doctors.  Sugar is bad for your health.  But do we really understand the extent of this statement?  When I have conversations with people about avoiding sugar, I’m often met with the assumption that cutting out the occasional soda or piece of cake […]

5 Myths About Grains

April 5, 2012 at 17:50

Little Miss Sicky Poo


There is a brilliant marketing campaign that has been going on in this country for quite a while that focuses on “Whole Grains”.   Every time I hear a commercial or read an article with this phrase coupled with “healthy diet” I want to jump out of my skin and scream “liar liar pants on fire!” […]