The CrossFit Craze

May 16, 2012 at 13:07

Little Miss Sicky Poo


Most people that are on the primal/paleo bandwagon have heard of CrossFit.  The two seem to go hand in hand.  I’m going to make an admission that I have not yet tried it, but, it’s becoming a topic of discussion in the Owen household.  My husband and I train with the same personal trainer and lately his workouts have taken on a CrossFit type routine.  He loves to come home and tell me what he did.  This of course works both ways and we complain to each other about the multitude of ways that Dustin has punished us.

After hearing about the nature of his workouts, I became intrigued and I’ve been doing more research about CrossFit.  Now that I know a little more about it, I’m not surprised that it fits so well with the primal lifestyle.  After all, CrossFit routines focus on  “cardio respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power, and speed.”  This is the full spectrum of fitness.  It does much more than just focus on strength or cardiovascular health.  These are the type of physical routines that are employed by military training to get folks in top shape and ready for the many life threatening situations that they will encounter.  It sounds like it’s the type of thing that could get you in “Grok” like shape fast!  (Grok being the primal representation of a typical Paleolithic man or woman 🙂  Incorporating all of these aspects of fitness would surely make your physical daily demands a whole lot easier.

I’m not sure if our trainer has any thoughts of moving towards a CrossFit routine, but I’ll definitely be asking him about it.  I’ll let you know what happens 😉

If you would like more information about CrossFit, there’s a great primer about it on Marks’s Daily Apple.

If you feel inclined to find a CrossFit affiliate near you and try it out, click here.  You will see a list of affiliates by state along the left hand column.  Just be sure to scroll down because it’s below the fold.


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    Patricia July 10, 2012 Reply

    The Paleo Challenge made me a convert. I feel like it made a huge ipvmomerent in my perfomance and overall health. It's not easy to follow, but it's not easy to make it through WOD's sometimes either, and those certainly improve my fitness level. Many things in life are tough, and that's what makes them rewarding. In the end, it's about how I feel, and I can say for certain that Crossfit and my experience with the Paleo diet have made me feel more healthy, fit, and energetic. That's all that matters to me!

    • Little Miss Sicky Poo
      Little Miss Sicky Poo July 10, 2012 Reply

      That's awesome Patricia. I'm all over the Paleo thing, but still have not embarked on the CrossFit challenge. I'll have to give my trainer a nudge and see if we are leaning in that direction soon. It's sounds really difficult but I bet it's fun.

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