Treating an Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

April 9, 2012 at 14:23

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If you have children, you’re probably very familiar with ear infections.  Research indicates that when young children get colds, they have a 61% chance of getting an ear infection.  Unfortunately, those are pretty good odds.  And when they strike, you have a very unhappy little camper on your hands.  All you want to do is get them relief and snuff out that infection as soon as possible.

How I used to treat ear infections
For years, when I suspected an ear infection in one of my kids, I did like most doting mothers do, and took them to the pediatrician.  The visit to the doctor usually confirmed my suspicion and I always walked out with a prescription for an antibiotic in hand.  I was never really crazy about having to give my child an antibiotic, but when you’re a new mom you’re often afraid to stray from conventional wisdom for fear of hurting your child.  I went ahead with the doctor’s suggestion and filled the prescriptions.

Each time I treated my children’s ear infections with antibiotics, I regretted the decision.  Within days of beginning treatment they would come down with the worst, most painful case of diarrhea and cause the scariest looking diaper rash you’ve ever seen.  The diaper rash was often so bad that it required another visit to the doctor and a steroidal cream.  In addition to that, I noticed that they often had lowered immunity after completing a course of antibiotics.  This caused a vicious cycle of illness.

At one point, my oldest son was sick for six weeks with several different illnesses because the antibiotics that he was on had weakened his ability to fight off infection.  At the end of those six weeks, he still had an ear infection!  I ended up having to take him to a naturopathic doctor that put him on a high dose probiotic, ear drops and array of other natural treatments that had him up and running again within 3 days!  This was when I realized that there was a much more gentle and natural way of treating these infections.

Antibiotics are wildly over prescribed, sometimes for illnesses that they cannot cure, such as viral infections.  These are powerful drugs and they should be used sparingly.  Antibiotics work very effectively to kill ALL bacteria that they encounter in the body.  So while it often kills the infection, it also wipes out the necessary and healthy bacteria as well.   When this happens the body is unable to fight off subsequent infections until the healthy bacteria is restored.  It causes digestion problems and destroys the PH balance of the body. This is why women often get yeast infections.

How I treat ear infections now

  1. See signs of an ear infection
  2. Visit the pediatrician to confirm if there is an ear infection
  3. Ditch the prescription and go straight to my cupboard for the garlic & mullein ear oil.  You can buy garlic & mullein oil at any natural food store ( I use the Herb Pharm brand)
  4. Get out the garlic & mullein oil
  5. Lay child on his/her side
  6. Put 2 drops of garlic & mullein oil in the infected ear and massage into ear (do this 3 times daily)
  7. Place a small piece of cotton in the ear to keep the oil in
  8. Give the child a high potency probiotic once daily to build healthy bacteria and help the body fight infection internally (I use Baby Jarro-Dophilus).  This can be stirred into water or juice.  They don’t even notice it.
  9. Use ear drop and probiotic treatment for one week
  10. Schedule a follow up with the doctor to make sure the infection has cleared
  11. Walk out of the doctor and pat yourself on the back for being a great mom! (or Dad)


Garlic & Mullein Oil
Garlic is anti-microbial which works to kill the infection and Mullein relieves pain. It is extremely effective.  Each time I have used this treatment, it has cleared the infection within days with no side effects.  A bottle of this oil costs about $11 and lasts a very long time so you can use it for multiple kids/infections.

Common Symptoms of an Ear Infection

  • Trouble hearing
  • Fever
  • Fluid drainage from ears
  • Dizziness
  • Congestion
  • Tugging or pulling on ears
  • Crankiness
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of appetite

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    Heloxy April 10, 2012 Reply

    These remidies always work great for my kids.

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